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To celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, Andy and I took an epic road trip through the Pacific North West. We traveled 2,998 miles with 13 cameras and shot 28 rolls of film. I love getting the pictures back and seeing the similarities and the differences between our photographs.

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Anyway, the following photos are some examples of the juxtaposition that happens when we are together. Andy has put his pictures on the left and mine are on the right.

Sometimes he finds the impressive lines and shadows in the architecture and I find the impressive specimen in the shadows.

Andy: M Staci: Hasselblad 500CM

Sometimes he is looking up to the sky at rainbows and I am on the ground finding forgotten pinecones.

Andy: Canon 1N Staci: Hasselblad 500CM

We always love to catch the one another shooting.

Andy: Hasselblad 500CM Staci: Hasselblad 500CM

Sometimes we see things in a similar way.

Andy: Hasselblad 500cm Staci: Hasselblad 500CM

Sometimes he sees the shadow and I see the tree.

Andy: Hasselblad 500CM Staci: Mamiya 645 1000s

I hope our journeys never end and that we never run out of film.

Andy: Hasselblad 500CM Staci: Hasselblad 500CM

~Staci Lee

Andy and I are film photographers living in Los Angeles. More of Andy’s work can be found on his blog.



  1. Yay! Love that you are a part of this group!

  2. I love sharing photography with my partner – taking our cameras out, shooting the same places and things, switching cameras between us, and comparing shots when we’re done. I am fascinated by the differences, and the glimpse into the way he sees things. And the sometimes striking similarities makes me smile. It was lovely to see your shots posted together in this way – thanks for sharing!

  3. I really admire how the two of you shoot together, you will grow old together and always have this creative common thread. How beautiful to be married to your best friend who also loves what you love. Such a gift and I love how you both see things differently and sometimes the same. Both such amazing artists. And I’m so lucky I have been able to walk with both of you and learn a thing or two from you guys.

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