Guidelines Not Rules

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We believe in guidelines, not rules: “Rule of thirds”. “Lens flare is bad”. … We’re all about opinions and advice about making great images, but hard and fast rules? Not our style.


I’ve never been very good at following rules, but I’ve always been extraordinary at following my heart…



Sometimes it’s a reflection in a puddle, or a single wildflower in an alpine meadow, maybe it’s a flock of birds flying high above me…But, whatever it is that catches my eye I’m constantly reminded by nature to stop, slow down, and appreciate the absolute and infinite beauty this world has to offer.


IMG_7763 IMG_7773

 And, I’m so very grateful for those reminders.



  1. When I see the sun flare in anything, my heart stops a beat! I lose my breath, I get way more than just a little excited. I’m a rebel girl too. It’s way more fun.

  2. It took me a while to throw the rules overboard, and since then my photography has blossomed more than ever before.
    We must be daring, we must be crazy, we must be ourselves – the world has more clones than it needs.
    Love the images, especially the doggy one – can’t wait to go out with my companions again and break some rules!

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