On Getting Lost…

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I sometimes wonder if my character flaws outweigh my best character attributes.  I have an impossibly hard time fitting into a box.  I rebel against conformity.  I throw my first at regularity.  I ‘m never on time.  It takes me months to do something that should take a day or two.  But what I’m good at, like really really good at…is getting lost.  I love getting lost.  Lost in the moment.  Lost in time.  Lost in the smell of a crisp winter ocean breeze.  Lost in the way the light hits the point of the trunk of a tree where it enters the ground, reminding me of the beautiful shape of a woman’s hips.  Lost in the colors of life, of breath, of existence.  Lost in the rhythm of my own two feet hitting the plush and terribly uneven moss lined floor of the coastal rainforest.  Lost in the possibility of infinity, of forever…that’s what I’m good at.

IMG_9397IMG_9384IMG_9214 IMG_8623 HD-0218-1915-Hohforest-9249 HD-0218-1915-Hohforest-9244 HD-0218-1915-Hohforest-9242 HD-0218-1915-Hohforest-9190

IMG_8732 IMG_8736 IMG_8769


  1. Wow, such stunning images! What a beautiful spot for getting lost.

  2. These are all break taking, and your photos make we desperately want to get lost in all of that Pacific Northwest green. And they make me think you’re not lost at all, but exactly where you’re meant to be.

    • Thank you for saying that Deborah. I hope you get to come be lost out here one day soon, I have a feeling you would love it!

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