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When people discover that I’m a photographer, the obvious next question is “what do you shoot?” I tell them, “I shoot everything”. And they look at me in every case with the “uh huh” look on their face. Of course, I shoot what I’m hired to shoot, but mostly I shoot everyday life and the light that fills our days.


The only way to explain, I guess, is through my images.  Now, if only I can get a gig shooting days filled with beautiful light.


How do you explain what you photograph?

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  1. What a visual delight! I just keep scanning the page up and down over and over…. And I know just what you mean… describing what I shoot is sort of inexplicable.

  2. It’s a tough question to answer. Like telling someone what your favorite food is. Why should we have to narrow it down? And I like your answer – “Whatever I’m paid to shoot.” and maybe I’ll add on to it: “and whatever catches my attention.” Thanks for sharing those gorgeous images. I especially love the girls in the red coats with the leaves!

  3. Beautiful images! I especially love the first photo of the flowers sitting perfectly on the chair. I usually answer that question with one word- LIGHT! I have admired your work for some time. It was good to see you here.

  4. Such lovely images! Thank you for sharing them with us.
    I guess I photograph the moments I want to – or need to – hold onto longer than a moment.

  5. What a lovely set of photographs! I LOVE the one of the baby — stunning!

    My answer to the question, “what do you shoot?” is often a variation of the following response: “umm…light…shadows…beautiful…umm…moments…so, i love light…and…yeah…whatever i find interesting…umm”


    For a long time it bothered me that I didn’t have a focused/concise answer to that question, and I confused that with not having a style or focus. I don’t believe those are the same thing, and I’ve come to be more comfortable with the fact that I know what I like, and even if I can’t quite explain it, that’s OK. I know what it is when I see it, and I’m always trying to capture it with my lens.

  6. Oh goodness. Your work speaks for itself. It’s simple, yet full of stories and meaning.

    I always find this question so very hard to answer as well. I don’t really have a great answer other than my business tag line – “I am a chaser of light, chaser of moments”

    So glad to have you with us today!

  7. Beautiful work Cindy, so dreamy and full of soul. Tough question! Overall in my personal work, I seek beauty and hope to connect people to the beauty within themselves when they view my images. Thanks for your lovely post!

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