Where do you find peace?

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Joining us today is Marina Sorr, a wonderful photographer who I “met” through Instagram a while back. I can’t even remember when it was, but I can tell you that she shares one beautiful photo after another and I’m always inspired but her crisp, colorful images found in nature….

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I feel so lucky.
I get in the car, get up a hill, down on the other side, cross a river, get up a second hill, and in
15 minutes I arrive.
To a park in the city where I live.
The moment I cross its threshold I feel at home, and my breathing becomes deeper.
Weekend after weekend I discover new flowers, new leaves, if the grass has been cut or has
grown back. And I feel a sense of participation in the unfolding of life.

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And then, once a year, in the summer, I try to spend time in the sea, somewhere along the
European coasts of the Mediterranean. A gift at times almost too intensely nourishing.

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And you? Where do you find peace?

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marina sorr. finds peace and nourishment in discovering the beauty around her and in focusing all her being in photographing it. she shares some of her photos on instagram (instagram.com/marina_sorr) and a vsco grid (marinasorr.vsco.co).



  1. I’m in love with that shot of the ocean at the end. It makes me smile to think of the person in a calm state of mind capturing that image. Thanks for sharing your images and thoughts with us!

    • thank you so much for offering me the wonderful chance of being on your site! it makes me so happy to know that image has given you a smile. thank you very much indeed for your kindness.

    • Thank you, Christy, again and again. it’s a wonderful gift to be here. and I feel very honoured that you like this post. xo

    • Thank you very much indeed: being on this marvellous site is a precious gift indeed. and your beautiful kind words are bringing me a lot of joy and gratefulness. thank you, truly. x

  2. I love how light breathes through each one of these beautifully poetic images! Thanks for being here and sharing them, marina sorr.

    • thank you very much indeed for the chance to be here. it’s truly a marvellous gift for me. and thank you, from deep inside my heart, for your beautiful kind words, Nikki. they are very precious to me.

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