Adriatic Blues

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“Blue colour is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.”

                                                                                                               – John Ruskin

When I got a look at my first batch of film scans from our recent trip to Croatia I was quite struck by the blues.

The Adriatic seemed to anchor so many of my photos as the foreground,

8 13 article-4

the background,

8 13 article-12
or the main event

8 13 article
While we were in Croatia, I was overwhelmed by the range and intensity of blues every single day.

And how they changed throughout the day.

8 13 article-5

The water ranged from turquoise in the shallows

8 13 article-16

to midnight – almost navy.

8 13 article-17

The sky provided a range of blues all it’s own up from the horizon, resulting in expansive, ombre planes of blue.

8 13 article-9
and there were some places, a bit farther out from shore, where the blue was so intense and pure, that even in photos it makes me a bit dizzy with delight.

8 13 article-15



  1. Absolutely stunning, Deb — every single photo. I only spent one evening on the Adriatic (in Italy) on my recent travels and also noticed that singlular color. Just lovely.

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