On shooting less with my iPhone

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Before mobile photography was a “thing”, I shot with my DSLR and film cameras. Then, mobile photography exploded and it exploded in a big way. Now everyone has access to a camera, in most cases a pocket-portable one with great apps to process photos. I feel like mobile photography will be around for a while, but lately I’ve been taking fewer photos with my phone and more with my “real” cameras.  It’s feels good too. I don’t feel the need to share instantly.

viewfinders - cindy loughridge

On our last family vacation, I noticed that I was reaching for my camera more than my phone, and once home I found myself doing the same thing. Don’t get me wrong: I still shoot on my phone, but not as much. And that’s ok.

viewfinders - cindy loughridge

viewfinders - cindy loughridge

viewfinders - cindy loughridge

All images shot on a Contax Aria with various expired films.





  1. Change is good, I think, in photography as with so much else. These are so lovely, and I totally get the beauty of the wait for results and the ability to hold your images close for a bit – taking the time about what to share.

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