When Your Favorite Film is Discontinued

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At the end of 2013, when Fujifilm announced that they were stopping the production of FP-3000b black and white film, my heart sank. This was the last available 3×4 black and white “peel apart” film for polaroid cameras.

I have captured so many peaceful, quiet moments with this film.  Always reaching for it during those times when I wanted to capture scenes on my table or around my home.

Azzari Jarrett - When Your Favorite Film is Discontinued

I remember ordering 5 packs at the time of the announcement.  And now, I am down to my very last pack.  How do I decide what to photograph with these 10 remaining photos?

Azzari Jarrett - When Your Favorite Film is Discontinued

I love the grain of this film.  How it captures what I am feeling exactly at the moment I press the shutter.  Scenes that I photograph with this film are not distracted by color. Only the mood is preserved in black and white.

Azzari Jarrett - When Your Favorite Film is Discontinued

As for black and white film photography, I know that there are still options available for 35mm and medium format cameras.  However, I know that I will miss the instant gratification of holding a black and white image in my hand 30 seconds after it is taken.

Azzari Jarrett - When Your Favorite Film is Discontinued

I will definitely cherish these photographs forever.

Do you have any Fuji FP-3000b film left?  How will you decide what to capture?


  1. there’s such a precious magical delicate atmosphere in these images. I can see very well why you’re unhappy with the discontinuation of this film. I hope you can enjoy using the last pack.

  2. Oh I am soooo right there with you. I had just ordered 5 packs, saw the announcement, immediately ordered 10 more then debated the rest of the afternoon “Can I put 10 more on the credit card? How upset will my bank account be? Where on earth am I even going to store it anyway?” It’s killing me. I use to grab a pack and my camera and head out on my lunch break to shoot the whole pack in an hour then back at my desk to peel them one by one. It was cheap and fun with instant results and I always got at least 2 I would be staring at the rest of my afternoon. I wish they had taken the color before the b&w. It’s truly a magical film.

  3. Beautiful images Azzari. I have one pack left that’s been sitting in my fridge for two years! I’m afraid to use it!

  4. I love fuji color films, and they seem determined to get out of the business. Loving them is heartbreak.
    I find I get much more precious with film when I know I’ve got limited supply. Thank you for sharing some of these precious last images with us.

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