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When I am on vacation, I have coffee every day. Especially if I’m in Italy, where the espressos give me happy shivers of delight and I might have two or three. Or more. When I’m at home it’s a different story. Once the school year begins and freelance projects start to (hopefully) roll in, my anxiety levels rise and I have to resort to a small decaf espresso and in some weeks or months, no coffee at all. It’s tragic.

So when I do have coffee, the joy of making it and filling the house with aroma and then sitting down to sip it slowly are moments for which I make time. And why not make a bit of a (video) production out of it? It’s one of those weeks where there is so much on my calendar that as I looked around for something to shoot and share, the answer was clear.

Go ahead and make your favorite morning beverage – I’ll wait. And then let’s sit back and enjoy it together. (36 seconds)




  1. Well that was a delightful way to share a moment with my Italian coffee, just after getting kid #1 out the door. One of these days we’ll do it in person, Kim!

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