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Viewfinders manifesto #5:
We believe that photography is a solo pursuit made much more enjoyable
when practiced with the support of a community.

The Viewfinders are scattered all over the globe, separate yet connected by our passion for photography.  We wake each morning and face each new day with different challenges, different joys, different scenes outside of our windows.  Yet at the end of the day when we open our Instagram feeds or check our facebook pages or read our email, we are connected over the miles, and supported by this wonderful community of photographers.

Won’t you share a glimpse of your daily life with us on Instagram (don’t forget to tag your images with #viewfindersio ) or post a link to a recent image in the comments below?  We’d love to see what’s going on in your world.  Here’s what’s going on in ours:

snake1I’ve been relishing the fall, and walking along the wooded paths, bogs, and
marshes here on Cape Cod.  Recently, I met a new friend.  –lucy

 My life these days seems to revolve around food – going to markets, scouring recipes, cooking, photographing and sharing it with friends. These apples were destined for pie. — Debra

UntitledThe shorter days, the cooler, wetter weather, the shifting of seasons; they have me drawing inward mentally and literally. Digging in to understand where I am creatively, so I may make art and life more meaningfully. Stopping to notice the details that my children leave. Like a treasure hunt of messages left for me to de-code. Finding the beauty instead of the seeing a mess. — Vanessa

wpid-yoga.jpgWhat started out as a purely selfish endeavor (taking on a 40 day yoga challenge) has led me into a new community of friends and provided an avenue for a new partnership for my photography business.   Doing something for myself never felt so good.  –Angie

SF BayI’m just back from an inspiring trip to California. I got to drink in the sunshine, let the ripples of the water wash over my heart, and get inspired for writing 365 Impossible Self-Portraits at a writing workshop in Tomales Bay. ~ Meghan


I feel like I am suddenly lost in life.  I was happily going along in one direction, with life perfectly planned and organized, until one day I woke up, and I no longer know why or how I got here.  I feel unsure about so much and yet, I know exactly who I am for the first time in a long time.  I am choosing to walk slowing, and with trembling,  in the direction of my heart’s desires.  ~Staci Lee

DSC01777We’ve been making the most of the autumnal days and enjoyed cycling through the long light. ~Kirstin

a tangleThese days I feel as though I am a tangle, a tumble, a gordian knot. But I am relentless with puzzles, and making pictures helps me know my own mind. Debbie

I’m spending as much time outdoors as possible, visiting favorite places and finding some new ones. Trying new ideas with other like-minded friends makes it that much more fun!  ~Leslie

_MG_8345_benchshoesI’m distracted by small whimsies while trying to stay balanced.  Kim

I’ve been reconnecting with old friends at my 20th Design School Reunion and finding pieces of myself that have been missing for years. – Holly

community1-jennygr Life with a baby is tougher than I could ever have imagined, but it balances out because the happiness is equally great. – Jenny G.


  1. love these glimpses into each of the lives represented here… reminds me of habit.

  2. Ladies- it’s so lovely to see us here today. We are all so different, yet the same. xoxoxo

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