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“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.”

~Nathaniel Hawthorne

I have to admit, I am a summer-loving girl. My affection for that season probably stems from the fact that it includes my birthday month (June) and happy childhood memories of long summer days spent outdoors, away from the rigors of school. So when summer officially ends and fall moves in, it takes me some time to mentally adjust.Right now we’re enjoying a long Indian summer, with warm days and cool nights that are truly enjoyable. And with days like these, I remember that autumn does have its own delights, ones I seem to forget.The past couple of weeks I’ve been on a quest to find and document the gorgeous colors that fall brings. Every year those colors are a little different…sometimes subdued golds and browns, other times blazes of red and orange.
This year I’m seeing more of those golden tones, yellows and deep oranges, and I find myself scanning the landscape for color each day. Some trees are showoffs, others quietly fade. I feel a need to soak it all in, to enjoy and appreciate it, before the last leaves drop and the gray skies of winter set in.Leaf close up 72ppiBridge Antioch Park 72ppiSwirl 72ppiThese golden days will end all too soon, so I am trying hard to be present in each one. Tell me…how do you mark the change of seasons?


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  1. summer loving and born in June, me too. such gorgeous heartwarming images, Leslie! I do my best to follow Hawthorne’s invitation. enjoy your autumn xo

    • Thanks, Marina! I hate to waste any of these days indoors…winter is coming soon!

  2. Oh Leslie, these are exquisite. I always dread autumn and never remember that once here, I secretly rather enjoy the colder weather and golden leaves.

    • Thanks, Kirstin! What I realize each fall is that I do love the season…it’s just what comes afterward that I don’t enjoy as much. 😉

  3. Oh, the swirling one!!!

    I get through the dark months in stages – first the party lights and candles, then when their season passes, cut flowers and houseplants, and through it all strong strong doses of winter light when I can get it.

    • Debbie, I do many of the same things. Delicious warm drinks and comfort foods are also good for those dreary days.

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