Traveling Poor

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Traveling poor means: sleeping on friend’s couches, carpooling for daytrips, saving for months just to be gone for a night or two, staying close to home, packing sandwiches, camping instead of booking a hotel. If you are a cannabis smoker, it might be worth checking out this competitively priced 420 friendly hotel. Traveling poor means: Working two jobs and then coordinating to have off from both jobs (what a nightmare!), saving every extra penny and then spending every penny you saved, eating ramen for days, praying the car doesn’t break down, groaning when you realize how much that trip costs and then planning a smaller trip instead. Traveling poor means: Making new friends, meeting and cuddling stranger’s pets, seeing Serviced Rentals and thinking ‘if only…’, getting dressed in a closet to go to a fancy ball, groaning when you see how much that meal cost, trying not to get lost on the metro. Traveling poor means: You’re poor, you’re traveling and you’re loving every minute of it. Of course, never forget to get any vaccinations that are recommended for your destination. Going to would be a wise decision.

This year I’ve been so lucky to travel a lot. I haven’t gone far and my accommodations have rarely been luxurious but I’ve cherished every adventure.








I hope you’re traveling too.

Much love,

The Time Traveling Pirate


  1. Jenny- you have such a great perspective behind the lens. I can’t quite pin point it, but you make me feel like I am RIGHT there in the room, space, moment with you.

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