In Community, Giveaway

I love adventures.  I love to follow a map andI love to get lost.  I love to have a set destination and I love not knowing where I’ll end up.

All this adventuring is made a million times better with people you love.  I am fortunate in that I have a group of friends that not only love adventures, but they also love to shoot. They are my community- my tribe.

This month, we at the Viewfinders are wanting to see your community.  Who surrounds you every day?  What do you love to do together?  To sweeten the deal, we are giving away a copy of Bella Grace each week to posts using the hashtags #bellagraceview #viewfindersio and #bellagracemagazine.  Then,  follow us both at @viewfinders_io and @bellagracemagazine. We’ll be featuring our favorites and announcing our winners on the Viewfinders Instagram account each Friday for the month of December. We can’t wait to see your view!



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