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I’m writing this from what is literally the worst hotel room I have ever stayed in, in my life. There are holes in the walls and burns in the sheets. Somebody left an iron on too long when straightening out the comforter. The back of this place literally looks like a prison. I’m sore and my body is bunched up from the long drive to this middle-of-nowhere-in-between-stop and sleep deprived from my 5 am job. I’m stressed from the possibility of moving far away and changing up my whole life. That’s why I’m here in this cruddy hotel room…to investigate a new opportunity. I haven’t had any time to edit my photos from the last month. And god knows, I am not sleeping on these sheets.

But sometimes this is life. We work through the bad to get to the good. We sleep in hoodies in disgusting hotel rooms one night and hope we’ll go back to that beautiful D.C. room with a view one day. Life is an adventure. Even if it’s frustrating as hell. Things will get better. They have to.

Pictures are unrelated. Trust me, you don’t wanna see this place.


The Time Traveling Pirate




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  1. I’ve stayed in a place like that… It was a work related trip and OH MY GOODNESS. I had no choice but to stay where they had booked me. I was so freaked out all night.

    I love these images.

    Here’s to fancy hotels and cushy sleeps.

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