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For many of us, this time of year is marked by holidays, revelry, and family. And that can be awesome. But me…I’m not a big Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other specific holiday celebrator. This year, I don’t have up a tree, no lights out, no decorations. None of it. And you know what? It’s totally okay! You know why? Because I’m moving into spaces in life that fit me, like really fit me. That includes acknowledging that I’m not a big Christmas person.

But you know what I *am* about? LOVE. I’m totally, completely, all-in about love. And I think those of you who are all about the holidays and those of you who aren’t can get on board with love.


My mission, daily practice, religion if you will, is practicing love. With everyone I encounter. I have felt the revolutionary power of this practice in my life. The more love I send out, the more comes flowing back to me. It is a thing of pure beauty.

So no matter what you believe, no matter if you’re in the holiday mood or not, believe in love. Join me in a love campaign. Spread love. Give love. Be love.

Happy everything to you.
xoxo, Meghan


  1. I love this (no pun intended). I once heard an excellent toast about how too many of us think of love as a noun (I wish I had more love, I need more love, I’m not in love right now) but instead, we should think of love as a verb and just do it. Just love.

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