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I am honored and humbled; today I join my very talented photographer friends as a contributor to ViewFinders. As I revel in the thought of sharing my ideas in and with this beautiful community, I begin to think about what makes ViewFinders a community in the first place. What is it that brings these talented souls together in such particular ways? What brings me to them? Is it only my love for photography or simply the idea of offering my words and images?


And then it dawns on me. The idea of joining this community is so much more than that. It is sharing my passion and it is supporting that passion. It’s belonging and having faith in what makes me belong. It is building, developing, and maturing my images. It’s my stories – OUR stories. It’s our life, our experiences, and struggles. Our connection with our photos, our safety, our net. It is our commitment.


My commitment to you is to follow these viewpoints and our manifesto with the passion and emotion that my fellow contributors bring to the table. Won’t you please join me in this journey as we practice, together, all of these guidelines that make ViewFinders such a unique community?




  1. We are lucky to have you here, Maite! These are lovely images and words.

  2. So happy to have you join us Maite. I’m a long time fan! Here’s to a great year ahead!

  3. You are a fantastic photographer Maite and your pictures speak more than words, I look forward to seeing your pictures daily in any forum you choose to be in.

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