Her Exit.

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She walks softly now
trying to find her way back
the spotlight following her every move

IMG_8686While within there is only darkness
she continues to search
gently lingering along the edge

IMG_8689She exits quietly now
leaving only shadows in her wake
a soft whisper through the still night air.

IMG_8690{Self-portrait series #1: “Spotlight”. Shot and edited with iPhone 6s}

* * * * *

My dear friends, this is my last post on Viewfinders. I have enjoyed my time over the past five (!) years–first as a Mortal Muse and more recently as a contributor here on Viewfinders. Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting and inspiring me in ways you’ll never know. The unexpected connections and friendships made over the years are a treasured gift.

All my best to the ladies here on the site. You are an amazing and talented bunch. I consider myself lucky to have kept your company here for so long.

I am hoping to reignite my passion for self-portraiture in the new year. The above photos are the first of 6 self-portrait series I aim to shoot in 2016 (one series every 2 months…I can do this!). You can find me on Instagram @urbanmuser.

Until then,



  1. pure amazingness, the images and text. I’m going to miss your posts here and look forward to following your new photographic adventures on IG. many many wishes of a fabulous 2016, Christy! xo

    • I’ll always remember our journey here, and especially on MM in the early days and during that first big transition to the new site. What a ride that was 🙂 Your photography, your creativity, and your focus has kept this group going for a long time and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the tireless hours you (and Tom!) have put in to make this a beautiful space. xoxo

  2. Both you and your work have so inspired me over the years since our early days of finding each other in the blogging world and MM. While I will miss working alongside you here, I can’t wait to see what you do next. xx

  3. Such lovely words and images, Christy! All the best to you and your as you head off to new adventures.

  4. I adore your self portraits so very much and I’m glad you shared so much of yourself for the time that you did. I think new adventures are always a good idea. Best wishes. I’m thankful for IG and FB so I an still maybe catch glimpses of your new adventures.

    • Thank you Tracie. I have always appreciated the wonderful support you have given to our site. Your comments are always so thoughtful. xo

  5. Wow! Starting your self-portrait project with a bang. These images (and words) are so evocative and true and yet they also leave space for interpretation. They are lovely images.

    • Thank you Nina. I will think back to these words of encouragement when I stumble during the year and think of giving up!

  6. Thank you for sharing your perspective with all of us here on viewfinders. I have truly enjoyed and will miss your contributions to the site. Good Luck with your future endeavors !!!!

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