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Flying is my favorite form of travel. To me it is the most beautiful and poetic way to see the earth. There is something magical about being so high up in the sky, a place humans were never meant to be. Everything is new and different in the clouds. Familiar places are seen from a new angle, and when I’m so far away all the imperfections are lost leaving behind a breathtakingly peaceful place. When I fly I love to stare out the window and watch as the light changes as we soar through clouds and over mountains. I love marveling at the way a sea of clouds can seem to my brain like solid ground, or rocky ocean. I love watching sunlight dance over rivers and streams and trace the backs of mountains in bold shadows. I love watching the cities and the people disappear and untouched land stretch out for a miles, a beautiful reminder that while daily life can seem crowded and rushed, there are places still untouched.

For me, flying is the journey, the adventure, and sometimes the sky is the only destination I need.









Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate


  1. jenny! these are incredible. they are like paintings. The colors are so intense and yet so subtle in places.
    I love that you fly. great post!

  2. I completely adore this post. I pout (at least inside) when I don’t get a window seat. Seriously, have reread your post about 18 times. Thank you!

  3. That first image is especially amazing. I remember being on a flight once, when I looked out the window to see a group of tributaries combing into a single river and in my mind, I was seeing a tree made of water with it’s trunk and roots and limbs. Thank you for making that memory pop up for me today.

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