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Hello and hello and hello.

Today (with a bit of giddiness) I join the talented photographers here at ViewFinders as a regular contributor. Photography and a bit of writing and community? Yes, please and thank you.

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As I begin this journey with all of you – for ViewFinders is very much grounded in community – I feel excited and inspired and even a little nervous. I look forward to sharing my experiences alongside the other regular contributors , and I very much look forward to working right alongside you…you the reader, you the photographer.

As part of this community, it’s so good knowing that we’re all peering through the lens, we’re all chasing the light, we’re all framing the story. It’s what we do.


Making photographs is magic. But it’s also commitment…commitment to always looking and sometimes waiting, commitment to honing skills and sometimes winging it. It’s commitment, ultimately, to process.

Wherever we turn our lens – be it people, landscape, or still – we turn to life. As photographers, we are the makers of visual memory. We tell story, we hold story, we are story.


I’m so pleased to be making and sharing photographic stories here with you.
Yes, please and thank you.



  1. What a lovely, gentle and thought-provoking way to start the week, Michelle.
    I’ll be turning that line about story around in my head all day.
    Welcome! So excited to have you here.

  2. Oh Michelle, This makes me feel all kinds of happy and giddy alongside you. !! Congratulations to be here in this amazing cozy place of such wonderfulness !!!

    • thanks, deb…I’m smiling as I read/type this. it’s a pretty great space and group of women to be joining, for sure. xo

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