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Life has enough stress and anxiety already, don’t you think?  Why should our creative pursuits add to that stress?  This year I have taken on a couple of photo projects with other photographers – some professionals, some hobbyists.  It helps keep me accountable and also reminds me to actually shoulder my camera when I leave the house.  Most often I have my trusty iPhone6 in my pocket, but since I do happen to be pursuing a career in photography, my photo projects remind me that I have to shoot just for me too.  To see things a different way and practice my craft.  But I want it to be fun and without stress, just as it was when I first graduated one step up from a point-and-shoot and started participating in the Flickr community years ago.  Remember those carefree days?

I read an article recently that initially made me roll my eyes and laugh, but ultimately annoyed me.  It basically was highlighting the most overdone photos on Instagram, including the hashtags that go with them, telling folks to up their game and be more original. Of course I am not against this in theory – I am all for expanding creative horizons and being open to the fact that my own work might sometimes be derivative.  We all need a kick in the pants occasionally.  But at the same time, I thought – if people want to take pictures of their lattés or their feet, then leave them alone.  Don’t shame them.  You don’t have to follow them or comment or even like the photos they are taking.

Hey look… it’s my latté!

Just shoot.  For fun, for education, for work, for your family.  Take photos of what’s in front of you, go out in search of inspiration, take photos of both the new AND the familiar, and of what makes you happy.

Here is my dog. I like him so I took his picture.

Shoot for you.  I can’t wait to see.


(follow the path that’s right for you)



  1. “Here is my dog. I like him so I took his picture.”

    Haha – love that! I don’t blame him. I’d take his picture too.

    Love all this! Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. I think also the pressure of what other people want you to shoot is enough to drive you crazy! Great post 🙂

  3. I just literally let out a sigh of great relief. I’m gunna keep on keeping on…I do miss those carefree flickr days. I’ve been yearning for those days again. In the meantime I put my 365/366 there and so I don’t get the support and comments like back in the day but I’m totally okay with it because I finally realized too, it’s for me. Just for me. Nobody is going to care about my moments the way I do. And if along the way I get some encouragement it just adds to the goodness of it all. I love this article. Thank you.

    • Tracie, I love that you are still doing your thing on Flickr. I dip my toes back in there now and then, but it’s just not the same. But your attitude of shooting just for YOU? Golden. You’ve inspired me to visit there more often if only to follow your 365!

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