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Viewfinders Manifesto #9
We believe that photographic mojo may flow and ebb within each of us
but that there is always at least a spark that can be reignited.

Sometimes during the winter, we lose our spark a little bit. The cold weather can be really depleting. Thank goodness we have a heating facility, although it did break fairly recently. Luckily for us, there is a furnace repair service in boise. We hibernate, avoid the cold or rain, hunker down, or pull the covers over our heads. Our urge to photograph the beauty around us or even daily life can sometimes wax and wane. But sometimes, too, there is a magic moment when there is a glimmer of light or a moment of brilliance that gets our mojo working again.

We’re so happy to have this Viewfinders community to share our magic moments and our less successful attempts. Please share your images on Instagram and add the #viewfindersio hashtag. You can also link to your images on flickr or other platforms in the comments below.

Here’s how our winter is going so far. How’s yours?

snow treeWinter, with its snow and wind, are reminding me to build a strong root in myself. To create a groundedness that is always there. — Meghan

blue berries mediumDespite the seemingly barren landscape, there are decorative touches around every corner. Winter’s beauty bewitches in quiet ways. –lucy

branchesOne of my favorite sights (ever) is that of bare branches against a winter sky. Throw in a little snow and a touch of fog, and I’ll brew another cup of tea and call it a very good day. — Michelle GD

RainWaiting for rain makes our California winter go slower. When it finally does make an appearance, you wish these rainy days would last forever. — Maite

winter light | Alison BentsWinter is letting the magic of angled sunlight get you out the door with your mittens on, ready to shoot your heart out. — Alison

KM290116BW001868-36I like to seek out and appreciate those chinks of light and happiness in the depths of winter. —kirstin

queenWe have had a winter filled with illness. Home, tea, and resting under blankets have filled our days. ~Staci Lee

20160214_Deep_Creek_086We escaped winter’s drudgery to a friend’s cozy cabin, surrounded by snow-laced trees during frigid temperatures. Hands down, the best part of our getaway, was bundling up to explore the beauty surrounding me while reconnecting with a dear friend. ~ Holly, Soupatraveler

3 1 16 community postBig cycle of life events have been coming at us from all sides the past few months. The extremes of the high highs chased down by the low lows have been overwhelming, exhausting and have short-circuited my creativity. So I’ve been nesting, aided by the cold and the 30 inches of snow that shut us in for a week, and soaking up others’ words and ideas – reading widely and like a sponge. I’m biding my time. Perhaps I’ll be ready to bloom again in spring. -Debbie

_MG_0369_webWinter is leaving my warm California home and traveling to my homeland in Canada where the temperatures were frigid, but the seedlings my niece was tending on the kitchen window sill were hopefully poking out in search of spring. — kim

Sometimes in winter the sun comes out. All the more magical for being so rare. —Jenny G.

winter.jpgWinter has always been a time for learning and introspection for me. I’ve been studying style and light while trying to find what feels right for my photographic voice. –Angie

Barn light community post Mar 1I’m always grateful for an unusually warm, sun-filled day in the midst of winter. And it’s fun chasing the light in unexpected places, seeing how it transforms ordinary spaces into places of beauty. ~Leslie

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