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We’re not ones to make big travel plans for spring break. Most years we stay close to home, enjoying a less busy routine and dreaming of warm days just around the corner. But this year my daughter and I decided to take a last-minute road trip. With gas prices low and the availability of a cute cottage as our home base (gotta love Airbnb!) it seemed the right time for a short getaway.

Longhorn street art 72pxWhitehall mural edit 72px

Of course, seeing the sights is the perfect opportunity (excuse) to walk around with cameras in tow. Some might argue that constantly stopping to shoot and always looking through a camera lens detracts from the experience of being somewhere different. For me, I think my awareness is heightened; I’m always on the lookout for something new, unexpected, or unusual in my new surroundings.

Silos edit 72pxMailbox edit 72pxTulips and buiilding edit 72px

As I look through my images, it’s a little jarring to see how varied the subject matter is; the photos don’t seem to “go” together. But in a way I suppose that’s a reflection of the diversity we experienced as we moved from place to place. Landscapes, cityscapes, small details and big views testify to the assortment of objects that caught my eye.

BW mural edit72pxBuilding corner 72pxOctopus edit 72px

As I look at this collection, I wonder: If we took this trip together, would we see the same things–or would our eyes wander in completely different directions? Are there particular themes you gravitate towards when exploring new places?


P.S. Our trip took us to Dallas and Waco, Texas from Kansas City (via Oklahoma); these are highlights of what we saw on that journey. All images here were taken with my Fuji X100s digital camera.


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  1. I do so love your seeing your part of the world. And such gorgeous light too. I can’t wait to do trips like this with our daughter. when she is older.

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