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I’m a big proponent of shooting personal work.  Each year, I start a new project, nothing huge like a 365 (been there, done that), but something new. My primary objective on a personal project is to stay creative and not get in a rut. Mainly it’s a way for me to practice composition and exposure, try out different films, and just experiment.  It’s a safe way to play and stay sharp, and it’s definitely better to practice on a personal project than on a client project!


My current project is SF Views, which pairs images of San Francisco in diptych. I’m shooting mostly film, and occasionally will use my DSLR or iPhone. There are no strict rules on this project and I don’t intentionally shoot with diptychs in mind. It’s quite free-flowing and it’s fun putting the images together later.


I’ve started posting the images on Instagram and sharing the project socially has helped me to keep the commitment and stay focused.
So when in doubt, start a personal project. Don’t have too many rules, and go have some fun.


viewfinders - cindy loughridge

viewfinders - cindy loughridge

viewfinders - cindy loughridge

viewfinders - cindy loughridge


  1. I love all your projects. Your photos are so alive we wanna jump in. This one makes me wanna take the next flight do SF. 🙂
    (it was easier when all I wanted was a cup of coffee, haha)

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