A Love Affair

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I have a secret love affair with my bathroom. And not because it’s anything special (it’s really not). But the light. The light. Whether it’s sunny or rainy outside, there’s always good light in this corner of the house.


And since the light is so sweet and since, as a homeschooling mom I don’t get a lot of time to myself, I’ve developed this love affair. Whether brushing my teeth or brushing my hair, I like being in that space. The quiet – the light – wraps around me, holds me.

I’ve taken to placing pretty things on my sink. Sometimes it’s flowers, sometimes it’s fresh herbs or a sprig of evergreen. Sometimes it’s rocks collected from a recent hike. Little bits placed on my white sink. Little bits that sit in the sweetest light.


It’s not a stretch to believe that these bathroom vignettes are some of my favorite things to photograph. When I need to center myself, I often pull out the camera and make a photograph of whatever happens to be on my sink. Currently it’s sprigs of sage, snipped from the garden this past weekend.   Next week, I might not place anything on my sink. And that white space will suit me just fine. Though, before long, I’ll no doubt have something tender placed there.


I love these sink shots so much that I created a hashtag for occasional sharing on Instagram. You can have a peek here. I consistently get thoughtful comments from my Instagram peeps on these sink shots…they seem to enjoy the shots as much as I do. I love when I shoot images that speak to others, I love the ripple effect that photography can have.



What begins with light and a subject and a photographer with camera in hand becomes an extended moment, a stretched-out pause. There’s an understanding, a connection. It’s a powerful thing. It’s one of the things that keeps a camera in my hand…that potential connection between me and a photograph and a viewer. I guess you could say it’s another of my love affairs.





  1. What a wonderful spot you’ve found to get away and recharge through light. A very special love affair for sure!

  2. Oh how brilliant is this! I’ve been known to take pictures from inside the shower (water off) to get the sunrise light in our bathroom!

    • that makes me smile, Kirstin, and I think to myself “well of course she climbs into the shower to catch that sunrise light!”
      I love the way light calls us…

  3. i love it… i have a similar love affair with my radiators!! xo

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