A Rainy Weekend in Rural Transylvania by Lavinia Cernău

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I’m thrilled to introduce today’s guest, Lavinia Cernău. Lavinia is a lifestyle and travel photographer based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, who is driven by a great passion for wandering, natural light and all things beautiful.Having spent most of her childhood days in the countryside, she greatly values her traditional roots and is often wandering the rolling hills of her native Transylvania.

In her photography, she looks for the feeling or that unique something that gives her captures singularity, whether it’s a rural scene or a cozy interior of a quirky urban café.

There are a lot of weekends in a year that we spend in the countryside. Whether it’s in a cosy guesthouse or in grandma’s cottage up in the mountains, Apuseni always draws us in, like a magnet that you can’t part with.

I have a deep love for the traditional ways that can still be found in the countryside, for the simple way in which locals tend to their everyday chores no matter the season, living simply yet mindfully.

It rained this particular weekend, the clouds were low and the light was scarce at times. However, I love it when it rains. I especially fancy those almost-summer-spring showers that caress peonies in bloom, linger on traditional wooden roofs and wash the colourful feathers of roosters playing boss in their courtyards.

Here are a few snaps of this part of the world that we call Transylvania. I love how it can take up so many faces and surprise me every time I leave the city for its charming ways.

You can see more of Lavinia’s gorgeous work on her website.


  1. These are peaceful and lovely images! I love your view of the world.

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