Negative Space. Positive Bliss.

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Negative. Positive. Lifting up. Weighing down. We all know which one we’d rather have.

Back in January, I shared how I’ve been exploring ways to incorporate Space into my photography and my life by clearing out mental and physical clutter, while giving myself a pass when it comes to my gear. And although my resolve is still strong, I haven’t sustained the pace from earlier this year.

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Beginnings can be funny like that. We race towards our goals at top speed, until at some point, we realize we’re running out of steam, exhausted. Turns out we’re running a marathon instead of a sprint.

A photography practice is like this too. When we first discover our cameras, every image, every click, seems inspired by our muse. But then the chaos of life takes over. We get busy. We get digress. Sometimes we move on to other things.

Sometimes taking something out of the picture, is the best way to begin again.

With my busiest month of the year approaching, I’m finding new ways to open up space in my photography to call my creative muse home. Since I’ll have my hands full with my DSLR and my eyes focused on decisive moments for my clients, I’ve decided to cozy up to the familiar by shooting my favorites that never get old.

The sunset from my front stoop, blissful bathtub moments, my morning cup of coffee, vistas from our daily dog walk, a cold beer on a hot day. Scenes that I return to photograph again and again.

You see, the familiarity replenishes me. Relaxes my mind. Soothes my soul. So where I’ve already given myself permission to rely on my iphone for capturing my everyday, I’m giving myself a pass on subject matter too. Not every image needs to be a work of art! By relying on old faithfuls, I’m making room for other themes to emerge.

Negative Space. Positive Bliss.

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So go ahead! Photograph your favorites! You never know what might be around the corner now that you’ve opened up some more space in your mind too! Share your favorites with us in comments! I’d love to hear what you love shooting over and over too!

Until Next Time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler

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If you’re interested in exploring ways to create space in your photography, consider joining me this summer where I’m guest teaching on Making Space in Your Photography as part of the Camera Craft Collective with Galia Alena. We have plenty of lessons to keep you inspired throughout summer…and all year long! Learn how to create magic with your camera here: Camera Craft.


  1. In glad I’m not alone! When I go back to shoot my faves I always wonder if other people also do this… Great read 🙂

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