Shadows and Light

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I love bright, sun filled photos just as much as anyone else. But there is something about photos filled with shadows and light, mood and darkness, that really draws me in.

Shadows and Light | Azzari Jarrett

I find these images to be so soulful, so full of real life and character.

Shadows and Light | Azzari Jarrett


I find that the best time to capture shadows and light are first thing in the morning and in the late evening.  Look for the sunlight streaming through the windows, while making sure that all interior lights are turned off.

Shadows and Light | Azzari Jarrett

And there you will find it – the juxtaposition between the light and the dark, coming together so beautifully.

Shadows and Light | Azzari Jarrett

So the next time you find yourself without “perfect” conditions – look for the shadows and the light. You might just capture a story waiting to be told.

Shadows and Light | Azzari Jarrett



  1. Yes! These are wonderful images. I do love the moodiness of subdued light and shadows.

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