My Ocean

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It is all I dream about all year long. True, I dream about other things too, but when I dream of my water, I wake up feeling calm and rested, my mind and my soul healed for a lasting moment.  Sometimes I close my eyes for a fleeting second and think of my ocean; the thought of the smell or the sound alone allowing me to live through those twelve long months I need to wait to go back home to the Canary Islands.

11666077_10155747083585296_8616734129015193566_nWhat is it about that specific body of water that is so soothing, and why do I feel such a powerful connection to it? Is it because I grew up seeing it every day and swimming in it almost all year long? Maybe because I am reminded of all the wonderful summers I have spent there since I moved abroad? Or is it just a question of my brain being wired to shut down and relax at the sight and sound of water around me?


Whatever it may be, the sense of peacefulness that my ocean dreams bring lasts all year long;  the permanent memory that keeps me holding on to the place that I return to every year: my ocean. My home.  – Maite 






  1. These are beautiful images and the words ring so true. I look and read with longing. This will be the first summer in many years that I will not swim in the Atlantic-the true meaning of summer. Here in Seattle, summer is lovely and the sea is here but it is not my beloved Atlantic that soothes me with it’s salty waves.

  2. I look forward to your trip home too, you know. And I am of the water, myself, so I completely understand its pull.
    And this year we’ll get to see your sea on film!!!

  3. The first image of yours that I saw was one of the ocean. I can remember it even now. I can’t wait for this year’s images! x

  4. That is a truly beautiful place! No wonder you love it and feel drawn to it.

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