Summer is in the details

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My summer holiday starts today. The last couple of weeks have been very quiet both at work and in the neighbourhood where I live, as more and more people have left on holiday. Don’t feel sorry for me though; the weather may not have been as good as in Italy or Greece or wherever people go on holiday, and I have been busy at work, but summer is in the details, and I have been taking my time to enjoy those details to the full.

Flowers in the rubbish

Flower bargain

Sunlight across the floor


Nursing the kidlet on the couch beside the open window while a heavy July rainshower passes by. Walking to work and seeing the familiar sights through the eyes of the tourists. Standing in line in the ice cream parlour, listening to the many different foreign languages swirling around me.

Flower pot next to a tree

Closing my eyes and seeing the wind through the trees around me – the wind in July has a particular colour of green.

Now that my holiday has started, I’ll continue in much the same vein, recharging my solar batteries to last me through winter and until next summer.

How is your summer shaping up? Tell us in the comments!

˜Jenny Graver.


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