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Back in 2010 when I was in the first throes of photography fever, I decided to undertake a 365 project.  After all, I was already taking dozens of photos a day.  A 365 project seemed like a perfect way to focus my passion (and to try to legitimize my obsession to my family, who kept pleading with me to please put the camera DOWN.)

I chose a theme that was (and is) close to my librarian’s bookloving heart:  words.  And so my 365 project, the elegance of words, was born.  It began with this photo of a sign at my dentist’s office.


My goal was to capture words, signs, symbols, or images that evoked certain ideas or phrases.  I was drawn to quirky signs, words with little nuggets of humor, and words of love.  It seemed to me that words on the surface might say one thing, but upon reflection elicited deeper emotions.


1-votes for women



And then in the blink of an eye, the 365 days were up, just like that.  I had managed to stay on theme for the most part,  fizzling out only a bit towards the very end.  I went on to another year-long project with weekly posts, and I finished that one up as well.

Here we are six years later, and though I haven’t taken on another year-long project, I still post photos online nearly every day, with a dry spell here and there when life gets a little too frantic.  My family has accepted that the camera is an extension of me, and the way I express my art.


And words are still enchanting me with their simple, funny, and often touching messages.



1-2013-06-17 15.35.59

1-2013-06-17 15.34.20

1-2016-04-06 11.46.26

1-2015-10-04 11.59.12

1-2014-11-15 14.56.08-2

1-2014-07-21 10.18.51

1-2013-11-02 07.42.18

1-2014-06-01 16.32.36

Do you have a passion for words?  Share them with us on Instagram and tag them #viewfindersio.

Until next time.  –lucy


  1. I love this! I’m currently in the middle of my 8th Project 365, and I’m thinking that next year I’d like to do something more structured than I have been recently. I love the words idea. I hope you don’t mind if I end up stealing some version of it come January? 😊

  2. Love this so much Lucy. A project close to my own heart – I’ve been tagging #shootinglanguage over in Instagram, would love to see your shots under that hashtag too.

  3. Ooh, I love this idea for a 365! I can see how it would be challenging to find words every day. I love capturing words and signs, too!

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