The best-laid plans

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Earlier this summer I’d planned to take a day trip with friends to a prairie just a couple of hours away. I thought we had the timing just right, but the intense summer heat came early. It was just too hot for the outing we had in mind, but we weren’t ready to throw in the towel. So we made a new plan–and it was one of my favorite photo adventures of the season.Crossing the bridge edit2It started in an abandoned reservoir, complete with graffiti, rickety towers for climbing (by the younger among us) and hidden messages.Double jumpSpread peaceClaireGraffiti slope2The adventure continued at some well-known local favorites. The great thing about traveling with other photographers is that no one minds random stops along the way.Anne and signTacosGarden bloomsChairsCactusPolaroid and snow cone

Thankful for air conditioning in our cars, we made our way across town, ending our excursion with an urban garden tour and refreshments at a beloved shop. All in all, the unplanned morning was perfect for summer memory-making. 


P.S. I’m still hoping to make that prairie visit happen this fall. Stay tuned!


    • Thanks, Kirstin! I could spend all day with graffiti and vintage signs. 😉

    • Thanks, Kim! When you don’t have nearby mountains or beaches, the graffiti and grit get more attention. 😉

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