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Do you remember the Hours project? It was such a beautiful, quiet space. I loved the idea and simplicity of the whole thing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep up for the entire second year. I had the idea of shooting a series of images of the same spot in my front yard for the entire year. My goal was to show the shift in the seasons and in the light. While I only made it four months deep, I love what I saw AND what I learned about  the shift from winter to spring in the pacific northwest. vanessasimpson_7amvanessasimpson_8amvanessasimpson_9amvanessasimpson_7am-1-of-1

I love a good photo series and this reminds me of how much I like having a project in my cue. I really like the moment when I can step back and see the work as a whole like this- Are you working on a project? What’s got your attention lately?

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa

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