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Love is Old, Love is New, Love is All, Love is You~ The Beatles

This year we headed to Chincoteague Virginia for the 8th time in nine years. It has yet to get old for me. I found myself looking for new things to photograph, but being drawn by the ever pull of the old and familiar. Chincoteague has a way of doing that to my heart. This morning as I was thinking of how to make the old look new for this post, I began humming Because by The Beatles. There is love in the old, there is love in the new. There is beauty in it all. On the last day we were in Chincoteague, my husband Phil and I took our daughters to see their first sunrise at the beach,  I don’t remember ever seeing the sunrise as a kid. It wasn’t until just last year, that I purposefully woke myself up to see the sunrise, and since then, I’ve been hooked. I wanted my girls to experience this. They moaned all the way to the beach how tired they were. And then, like magic, the sunrise did it’s thing on their heart too. This post contains some of those new moments, and some of the old. Its all from the heart, all love.  Chincoteague is my happy place.

Wishing you all a Happy Labor Day!



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  1. I would love to see this place someday! (And your family is so sweet…love your captures of them.)

  2. i don’t know how i missed this!! i feel the same way about chincoteague. what a magical place. our kids have seen the sunrise here a few times and a few times on the florida coast as well. i always wonder why i don’t get up and see it every day!! love love love these shots of this magical magical place.

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