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“Our love was born
outside the walls,
in the wind,
in the night,
in the earth,
and that’s why the clay and the flower,
the mud and the roots
know your name.”
― Pablo Neruda


I believe in Love.. Sometimes people ask me why I like to photograph couples. And my answer is always, because I believe in Love. I’ve said it before here that I’m not the most technical shooter in the world. I shoot for my soul. I shoot to be inspired- Love inspires me. Love inspires me to keep choosing love day in and day out of my own life. I believe there is such an exquisite connection between lovers and nature. Have you ever kissed your love while sitting in the woods? Or while sitting by the shoreline? If you have not, please do make some weekend plans!

When our bodies are in nature, our heart aligns itself with it’s perfect rhythm. Couples become quickly at ease with each other. There is no set script, no certain story to be told. Love is the story, and the trees are the witness. I absolutely adore photographing love as part of my work.  I pick up new things, new thoughts, and adopt new ways of working with each year that passes. I’ve always let nature help guide me through my life. I now, trust it to help me along my the work that I love. Surrounded by trees and endless shades of greens, there are beautiful moments of love.Below are some recent favorite moments captured in woods.

How does nature inspire you and the images you create?

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


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