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I run a small wedding, family and high school senior photography business and I sit here at my keyboard, up to my armpits in work. It’s something I’ve been working toward, something I’m honored to have, something I absolutely love, and something that can sometimes threaten to drain me both physically and creatively. I love the work that I do – being able to capture these special and often once-in-a-lifetime moments for people is humbling and amazing. It fuels me in many incredible ways. But sometimes I just need to shoot for myself.

I recently got the chance to spend some time on a rainy morning in one of my favorite places to photograph – the Como Park Conservatory. They aren’t images that I’ll probably do a whole lot with – I might take a few favorites and print them for my inspiration board, but that may be about it. What really does it for me is being able to play around with my shooting and editing – tweaking things a little darker, looking for different angles, heading black and white where I’d typically tend to color especially for client work. It’s so refreshing, renewing and liberating to break from what may be expected of me.

What pushes you through busy times or times where you aren’t feeling like you’re shooting for you? Are there places that you love to go that will really let you play? What’s your favorite image that you’ve recently shot just for you? I’d love to hear all about it!

All the best,

2016-09-19_0004 2016-09-19_0006 2016-09-19_0003 2016-09-19_0008 2016-09-19_0007


  1. You are so good at finding the light! And such beautiful sharpness too. I only shoot for me these days but that’s another story.

    • There may have been a little prompting 😉 He’s been such a little helper lately! “Hey, the light’s so pretty, will you stand and look up at the sky for me for a second?” “O-tay, mama.” I’m so keeping him.

    • This time of year – the time when all I want to do is slow down and savor it all – seems to just fly by.

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