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Autumn should mean crispy leaves and crisp temperatures and hopefully the time to enjoy them, but instead often means an overloaded work/school schedule and weekends devoted to chores. There have been no trips in the vanagon since school started, but we squeezed out some time this past weekend to head over the Golden Gate Bridge to catch Fleet Week in San Francisco.


Luckily there were clear blue skies – in the past, the infamous SF fog has moved in just as the air show started.


When my daughter was small, she would cover her ears when the Blue Angels flew over – she still does.  But luckily she doesn’t ask me to cover her ears with my own hands anymore so I could take a few photos….


There’s nothing quite like standing on the bridge, looking at that view, and feeling that rush of adrenaline when the planes shriek right over your head.


Press play and see what I mean….


Anything to gain new perspective… whether it’s taking in a view (and capturing an image or two) or making time to take a breather.  What are you up to in your neck of the woods?











  1. LOVE! When I was young we lived in Rapid City, South Dakota and Ellsworth Air Force Base had a big air show every year. We went without fail and it was something that loomed so large in my growing up and my imagination. We didn’t get the Blue Angels, but the Thunderbirds were our team. I (even still) have a poster signed by all of the pilots and co-pilots, and I swore that I’d be the first female Thunderbird pilot. Timing wasn’t right, but in another life… 🙂 Thanks for this. The video made me beam from ear to ear.

  2. I grew up not far from the Fallon Naval Airbase in Nevada. This is where the Blue Angels train- It was a very rural part of Nevada that I was in and so, we would often get “buzzed” by the airplanes randomly and quite often have the sound barrier broken over our heads. It was sometimes really scary and other times a total rush…

  3. the video was a trip. I love to know that you are up there near my son. He was face timing me while he was at the top of a hill watching them practice a few days before. He was so excited because we had taken him a few years back to watch the blue angels fly near San Diego.

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