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I’ve been looking through my film scans (YES! I finally got my film processed) and noticing how certain images evoke a strong emotion in me. These feelings are what often evoke my desire — need — to write a poem to accompany the image. I’ve been thinking about those parts of my creativity quite a bit lately, how my writing and photography emulate and encourage one another. Many times, the photo lights the writing spark.

For example, I think I’ll write a piece about wonder…

wonder_rsAnd one about beauty within death…

dying-sunflowers_rsAnd another on the life that that sun gives to everything…

green-leavesWhat about you? Do you get inspired to write when you look at your photography?

Meghan of Life Refocused

All photos taken with my Canon AE-1 on Fuji 400H film and processed at The FIND Lab.

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