Because Candy and Cuteness and Moments

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We do not remember days, we remember moments.
~Cesare Pavese~


Two days ago it was Halloween.  It’s not a holiday I’m especially crazy about, though I suppose I liked it when I was a kid (because candy).  But for my daughter, I tried to show some enthusiasm.  She’s a little crazy for it (because candy).


You know the part I’m crazy about?  Taking a few pictures before heading out to trick-or-treat (because cuteness).  I had to work quickly and only made a few frames because the light was fading fast.  Also, she was eager to get moving (because candy).  She obliged by sitting for a few minutes, and then we were off.

The other part I’m crazy about?  Walking a few steps behind my daughter and her friends, listening to them chat and giggle and generally have a pretty great time.  It was so much fun (because seeing your kids have fun with their friends – all while remembering their manners – is kinda awesome).


It’s not the day so much that I loved.  It was those moments with her sitting on the porch, full of anticipation.  It was those moments listening to sweet chatter and laughter.  It was the crisp autumn air.  It was the bits and pieces that wove together to paint the picture that nows hangs in my mind. That’s what I’m going to remember.



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