In Mobile

Today in Oslo we have daylight for almost six hours, and more importantly we have five seconds more daylight than yesterday. It feels good to take that first tiny step back towards summer, even as the photographer in me is threatening to go into hibernation for the next couple of months. We’ve hardly seen the sun for weeks, and when all the Christmas lights are taken down at the start of the new year, that is going to get dreary indeed.

Enjoying the Christmas lights while they last – the Ferris Wheel is already being taken down…

I guess I’ll do what I always do at this time of year, which is to keep trudging along between work and home, snapping the occasional mobile shot if inspiration strikes, and dreaming of sunlit film bokeh and temperatures that don’t require special measures for keeping Polaroids warm while they develop.

How do you cope with winter?

˜Jenny Graver

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