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Happy new year, friends! Here we are, moving slowly into yet another year. Decorations and holiday lights are gone, our homes are swept clean, pared back. And though days are short, the sun is scarce and winter’s chill has set in, January does bring its own gifts.January allows us to settle in and get cozy. We cocoon in our warm homes, cuddle under handknit blankets, allow our minds to wander. Comfy flannel shirts are a staple, as are plenty of warm drinks. January also allows me to rediscover cozy activities that keep my hands busy. I’m baking more often, I started a simple knitting project and began filling up a new journal. As much as I love photography, making something tangible with my hands makes me happy. Do you feel the same way? How are you easing into winter? (Share your ideas and projects with me…I’d love to know!)

Stay cozy!


P.S. That beautiful blanket is not my creation but a gift from my talented sister-in-law.


  1. ah, I am a lover of these cold winter months…so I appreciate this!!!
    yes to the cozy and the baking and the warm drinks and woolens. and to the tangible items…knitting here…and now I want to make those muffins…they look delicious!

    • Michelle, I’m not a fan of winter so I have to try hard to find the good in it! But these things do help. 🙂

  2. I’m easing into winter with a few simple projects – crocheting little flower-shaped coasters and sewing small project bags from vintage sheets I found at the thrift store. And like you, I find that I want to bake and make soup. To counter these activities – eating and crafts that involve sitting – I’m making time for a walk every day – no matter how cold it gets! Lovely images that bring me joy and inspiration!

    • I need to make walking a priority! I have a hard time when it’s gloomy and cold out–I just want to stay in and nest. 🙂

    • Ah, cozy cooking is good. And the entire family can share the results, right?

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