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I don’t know about you, but this past week has has been a mix of visual, emotional, and mental overload for me.  Extreme highs were countered by extreme lows, passion countered by anger, hope by dismay.  I found myself needing to diffuse, quiet my mind, and calm my senses.  For me, walking is a meditation, and allows me to disconnect with the turmoil of daily life and connect with beauty and stillness.

I set out on a photo walk this afternoon on a new street in a neighboring village here on Cape Cod, and knew I needed to let go of color, contrast, and loudness.  I needed to see and feel light, air, shadows, and rhythm to reset my head after the barrage of the previous days.

As my walk was winding down, I saw a sign near an old stone wall that amused me with its multiple meanings and reference to current events.  I hope it gives you a moment of levity in a week of overload.

We are community, and I value our connection.  Please show us the light and dark with your images on Instagram — don’t forget to tag them #viewfindersio.

Much love.  — lucy


  1. I love this Lucy. There’s so much comfort in the undemanding palette of winter. Lovely post.

  2. What a thoughtful way to begin my day, with peace and beauty. And now I can’t wait to walk – camera in hand – seeing with a fresh perspective.

  3. I love these black & white images! There’s something about b&w that’s visually calming and that brings simplicity.

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