The Time Between

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There is a sacred time for me each day.

It’s the time between when I wake and when my girls wake, which I’m sure that many mothers can relate to.

Those precious moments that are yours, and yours alone.

The house is quiet, and no one is calling my name.

It is in those moments, the time between, as I like to call it – that sets the tone for the rest of my day.

Sometimes I stay in bed.

Sometimes I plan my day.

Sometimes I enjoy my first cup of coffee in piece.

Sometimes I grab my camera.

Sometimes I sit and breathe it all in.

But what’s most important is that this time is mine, to decide how I would like to spend it.

Be sure to carve out your “time between” – filled with exactly what you want to do.





  1. What a gorgeous reminder for setting the tone of my day. It’s funny how this place in-between is both a place and a time and yours is lovely. I suspect, like me, that the loveliness of your space in-between also has a load of laundry in the background or piles of kids textbooks stacked on a nearby chair . . . and yet, you choose to see the beauty amidst the busyness and chaos.

    • Oh, Donna – you are so right – there is always laundry in the background and extra paper and books on the other side of the table. But this is my time, and I always choose to push them to the side. It is important to keep that time sacred!

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