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Back at the beginning of October I took a little trip out to Seattle to attend Click Away, an annual conference put on by Click and Co. It was right in the middle of the busy season for my business, and both before I left and immediately after I returned I was immersed into families, seniors and amazing fall weddings. The photos I took when in Seattle got imported onto my hard drive, and I hadn’t given them so much as a second glance. Right or wrong, it’s just plain what happened. Now that things are a little slower for photo sessions in the Minnesota winters, I took the chance to pull up that batch of photos.

I’m usually pretty eager to jump on my vacation photos, to dive in and process and perfect. This time, I actually think that the time and distance from the trip and the time away from my everyday has let me relive it in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to closer to it. It was a great trip where I got to meet quite a few of my internet photo friends, ate amazing food, laughed way too much, shot a little for myself, shot at some styled shoots, and even did a little learning at the conference.

Have you ever held off on going through and working on photos from an event, a trip or some major thing? I know you film folk do this all the time, but in a different way. Does it help you keep the memories of those events alive a little longer? I’m thinking I may need to do this intentionally from time to time!

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