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TouchRetouch is an app that I love and use often. You can purchase it for $1.99.   I am not one that usually pays for an app, but this one was worth every penny.

The app removes unwanted content from your images.  In Iceland, I used it often.  They have these wonderful, bright yellow posts that mark where the road is.  They are amazing safety tools but I didn’t like what they looked like in my photos.

With retouch, I could remove them quickly and easily from my phone.And when is was too cold to get out of my car, I could remove the little bits of car that were in the image.

After opening the app, you choose the photo you want to work on.  Using your finger, you can color the objects that you want to remove.

For example, I loved this image but didn’t want the footprints. I thought this beach looked otherworldly, minus the proof of life.

After opening the image in the app, I was able to highlight the prints in green. Using two fingers, you can pinch the photo to zoom so that you can do more detailed work.

This app does remove more than the small details that are unbecoming to the image.  It can also take out power lines quickly and easily and it has a stamping tool if you need to recreate a pattern on your photo.

Is there a photo editing app that you love having on your phone?  I’d love to hear about it below.


~Staci Lee






  1. The company that makes this app also makes one called HandyPhoto that has the same technology within it as well as many other editing features.

    • Thank you! I haven’t heard of it. I will check it out today.

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