Accidental Works of Art

In Film, Inspiration
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When I get my film scans back from the lab, I hastily rush through the first fuzzy and out of focus image in order to get to “the good stuff”.  I want to see the images that I captured, if they accurately capture what I felt at the moment.

Recently, I stopped at that first image.

I was amazed at how raw and accidental it appeared.

And the more I looked at it, the more it became beautiful to me. A work of art.

This made me think of how many times I rushed past some small detail, thinking it was insignificant – too unimportant to be worth my consideration.

What beauty have I missed because I was eager to “get to the good stuff”.

The colors – light and dark, merging, and moving to create something pretty special.

The next time you get your film scans back, I encourage you not to overlook that first image on your roll.  You might see an accidental work of art.


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