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The digital age of photography gives us a way to enjoy our images instantly, just moments after our eyes see it and our finger presses a button. But so many of those images never make it past the device upon which they were captured. That’s where instant film is a game-changer. The ability to see and hold a printed image in your hands–almost instantly–brings pure joy.Twice a year, instant film enthusiasts from around the world participate in Polaroid Week (‘Roid Week) as a way to share instant film images and showcase their best work. The love of instant film and cameras, both vintage and new, connects this group and fuels creativity.Last week was the spring 2017 edition of ‘Roid Week, and though participation seems to be dwindling, the photos shared did not disappoint. Each photographer is limited to posting two photos per day for six days, which keeps the entries well curated. This time around, I tried to shoot daily, rather than delve into my stash. I did pretty well most days, only pulling in a couple of images I’d saved.‘Roid Week began in 2006, long before the days of Instagram, so the pool of images for each week is maintained on Flickr. Many photographers share on IG and Twitter as well.I hope you’ll take time to delve into the amazing work that’s been shared this year and in years past. It’s inspiring and motivating to see the expression of creativity and love of instant photography revealed there!Do you shoot instant film? Tell us about your favorite camera and/or film in the comments. And leave a link so we can see some of your instant film work!




    • Thank you, Kirstin! I adore shooting Polaroids, and the film is getting better and better.

    • Thanks, Michelle! You had some lovely images as well. I need to replenish my film stash now!

    • Thanks, Vanessa! I tried to shoot more during the actual week instead of relying on archives. It was fun!

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