Negative Space

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Less is more, I’ve heard many times, and certainly this is true when I think of negative space in my photography. I am obsessed with avoiding clutter in my images and I often try to find a minimalist point of view, where the empty space around the object I want to photograph is equally, if not more important then what my focus is.

Because composition, you see, is probably the most important part of my shooting. Using negative space in many of my photos creates and expresses my mood, as well as the pleasing balance I seek in the image. It also gives my viewer some breathing space in order to slowly and fully concentrate on what is being photographed.

I normally use landscape or the sky to convey a feeling of vastness and scale.

However, I also like to show the viewer where my point of interest is in the context of my image. A bright color around the image and/or a large color gradient can make my subject pop even more.

Shapes and textures are also so much fun to play with in negative space. Together with the subject, they create a visual effect that is soothing as well as appealing to the eye. Sort of like a harmony of the eye and mind, a balance of visual rhythm.

Finally, I always keep in mind the rule of thirds. For me it is something instinctive when I look at what I’m going to shoot, but sometimes I need to pause and remember to arrange my subject in the frame so that it doesn’t create an unnecessary clutter.

Our new theme for the community post this month is negative space. I look forward to seeing how you use negative space. There are endless possibilities! Post your negative space photos by April 30th on Instagram for an opportunity to be featured in the May 5th post. And don’t forget to tag your photos #viewfindersio and #negative space! Maite



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