For the Love of Italy…and Film

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I recently pulled out a box of honeymoon photos.  They were shot on my SLR Nikon with this film.  I shot these images when I loved making photos but wasn’t heavy into the practice. I made no notes, had no projects in mind, wasn’t ever planning to share them with anyone other than family.  I shot for the pure love of it. So, while I was curious to look through the 10+ rolls of film from a place of nostalgia, I was especially curious to see how I shot  and what I shot  nearly 20 years ago.

I was pleased.  The tones of the film suit my sensibility.  And I was so interested to see that the vast majority of my shots echoed (or foretold) the way I frame my shots today.

There were, of course, vistas to photograph…ah, Italy.

And buildings…ah, the architecture!

There were shots of the iconic Trevi Fountain and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, for sure.  And shots of fabulous doors (I remember being infatuated with the doors; so much so that my husband, at one point, precariously pulled to the side of the road along the Amalfi coast to humor me).  When I began looking through my old photos, I expected to love the shots of doors.

But my favorite shots are the parts of buildings, the attention to roof lines and columns, the lone windows.  Nearly twenty years ago, my heart was already in that place of looking for the pieces of things.  It was kind of awesome to see that focus developing for me, without my really being aware.

After looking through these photos I want to return to Italy.  Immediately!  For now, however, I’ll settle with pouring through my photographs and making mental notes on what and how to shoot next time. Because, hopefully, there will be a next time.



  1. These are such brilliant pics! Love the atmosphere in them. We also had our honeymoon in Italy but I think rather too many pictures are of food (and wine)!

    • thanks, Kirstin! love knowing you honeymooned in the same country…just amazing, yes?!
      I don’t have a *single* shot of food or wine, which I wish I had now…it’s just that I never thought to shoot those types of things at that point in my life…that’s on my mental list for next time 😉

  2. Gorgeous images! I hope I can visit this beautiful place one day.

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