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I am in an interesting season when it comes to photography. I am not a sad or distraught about my photography; I just don’t seem to think about it these days.   I will get my camera out, even carry it with me on adventures… but I don’t seem to remember or even think to click that shutter.

I will see light dancing on the wall or in the trees, and instead of grabbing a camera, I watch the light. I feel the warmth and carefreeness of it.

The beautiful thing about it is that I am not disappointed nor distraught. I don’t feel like I am suddenly a horrid photographer or not a photographer at all. I am simply in a season that I am enjoying life and soaking it all in without my camera.   And like all seasons, this one will soon pass, and a new one will come along. Instead of fighting it, I am enjoying the noticing and being in the moment.

It reminds me of one of our manifestos:

We believe that photographic mojo may flow and ebb within each of us but that there is always at least a spark that can be reignited.

Mojo comes and goes… but my spark?  Well, that is always there and ready to be reignited.

~Staci Lee 


  1. I go through phases like this too.
    love these images you’ve chosen to pair with your words…feeling your calmness, your contentment.

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