Open to Change

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Knowing that things change and being open to change are two very different things.  As my family embarks on the biggest change we’ve ever made with our children, I find myself reeling back and forth between excitement and anxiety.  Even though we’ve loved our 10+ years in Houston, it’s time for this adventurous crew to move on.

We are trading our hot, humid summers for mountain range views and less mosquitos.  We are hauling our stuff over 1,000 miles to Colorado.  We are currently living amongst mountains of boxes and tying up loose ends.  We’re saying our “see you later’s” and purging unnecessary items.  We are trying to focus on the light at the end of the moving chaos.  It will be worth all the short term frustration.

We’ve been thinking about this move for several years, wondering if we could make it happen.  We daydreamed about our lives in a different place, we made spreadsheets and lists, we researched.  But once we finally made the decision, life has been a whirlwind of possibility.  So many opportunities have popped up that seem coincidental, but I think, maybe, instead of coincidence it might just be that we were open to the change.

I wonder if being open to change will shift my photography style, too, beyond the obvious difference in landscape and climate?

Opening to Change,   Angie


  1. Good luck on your new journey Angie! I can’t wait to watch how it all pans out. I see many new landscapes on your horizon for sure!

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